Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Negative Space

Negative space is a way to emphasize a subject and create an interesting mood to a somewhat "plain" or "boring" photograph. A simple row of trees along a canal up close is pretty boring, but placing them at the bottom of the frame and adding lots of negative space really draws the eye to the trees.

If this shot was zoomed in to fill the frame with the bird, it would be just another picture of a bird. Moving the subject more towards the extremes and leaving the frame "empty" adds a dark feel to this image. 

The next shot is one of my favorites. It seems to show the hardships of a struggling musician. 

More examples of negative space.

Stop filling the frame and try to add a little negative space to your photos. You may like what you end up with.

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  1. Nice shots! I really like the musician image. My husband is a guitar player and luckily, he plays quite a lot, but I know how hard it is out there. Great story. Thanks