Friday, August 5, 2011

Engagement Trip

Hello all..

Please bear with me as this is my first blog post. So this being my first post I figured I would blog about something I am passionate about... my fiance and photography! July 28, 2011 I asked my girlfriend of 6 1/2 years to marry me, and she said YES!!! We're both very excited about our future so stayed tuned for updates in the future.

Now on to the photography. Street photography is something that I have been very interested in but never had the chance to try ( I live in the boondocks of Mississippi). This style of photography looks easy but man was I wrong. Out of the 250+ shots I managed to have maybe 2-3 keepers... What a bummer.. Still very exciting though.

 Our trip carried us to Chattanooga Tn. What an amazing city! Small town locals with big city excitement. The aquarium was the highlight of the trip to me.. other than the engagement! The jellyfish exhibit is one of the coolest thing I have ever seen.
Jellyfish are alien like in their looks and the way they move is mesmerizing. Overall we had an amazing trip and can't wait to go back again to see good music, good food, and great brew.. I will leave you with a few more shots from the trip.

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